Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills that we need in life. Everything we do involves communication: socialising with our friends and families, asking for things we want or need, expressing our feelings and thoughts, learning at school and throughout everyday activities.

What is Makaton?

Makaton is a UK leading language programme for children and adults using signs, symbols and speech. It is recognised worldwide and helps children and adults to communicate and understand.

It is extremely flexible and can be personalised to meet individual needs and be adapted to a suitable level for the individual.

Makaton supports people with learning or communication difficulties, babies and children who are pre-verbal and also those who have English as an additional language.

Today there are over 100,000 people using Makaton signs and symbols.

With Makaton, children and adults can communicate straight away using signs and symbols.

For those who have experienced the frustration of being unable to communicate meaningfully or effectively, Makaton really can help. Makaton takes away that frustration and enables individuals to connect with other people and the world around them. This opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Pre-School and Makaton:

In March 2020, Pre-School achieved our Makaton-friendly status.

We use Makaton when communicating with the children, while playing games, when reading stories and while singing. All Pre-School children who attend Forest school have their own unique ‘Forest school name’ that they are able to sign.

Makaton symbols are used to label storage areas, rooms and areas in Pre-School. We use Makaton symbols when creating visual support aids and visual timetables for the children.

Makaton trained staff:

Maxine Fenwick: Licenced Makaton Regional Tutor

Juliet Blows: Makaton trained Levels 1-4 and additional

Victoria Boulton: Makaton trained Levels 1-4 and additional

Samantha Dodd: Attended basic Makaton training

All other staff have a good knowledge and use of Makaton

Makaton Training:

Maxine holds Makaton training throughout the year:

Please email: for further information.








Maxine Fenwick

Licenced Makaton Regional Tutor