Forest School

Forest School

What is Forest School?

Forest School is outdoor learning which is Child led with close Adult supervision.  The ethos of Forest School is to promote and develop personal, social and emotional skills. As well as physical and creative skills within a community of equals.  Building confidence, independence and self-discovery. Where adults facilitate the play, not organising it, it is the children that lead the play.  Forest School promotes communication and connection with others to build confidence and self-esteem in a natural environment, in a place that is special only to Forest School.   Forest School takes place off site at Bridge End Gardens all year around and in all weathers.  Only very high winds will stop up going to forest School. This will be decided on the day.

What will the children be doing at Forest School?

The children will explore a wide natural area, which changes with the seasons.  Adult led activities will be on offer, such as making leaf crowns or mud faces on trees.  Rope swings, tents and hammocks will be erected for the children in engage in physical play, building their communications skills and allowing them to develop their own play storylines and games. Close Adult observation will cover all activities some will be one to one with adult close supervision. Children will have the opportunity to play in a wide area, find out things for themselves and even use hand tools.  Their will sometimes be a fire with a constant Adult Firekeeper in charge.   Forest School is learning on all levels from physical and creative to emotional, social and self-esteem.

How long will the sessions last?

Forest School sessions are held on Monday and Thursday mornings.  Sessions will last 2 hours of outside time.  In the, all year around and in all weathers. A snack and drink is provided at all sessions. Drinking water is available at all times.

In summer, we will also be spending our lunch time at Forest School, eating our pack lunches at the Forest School site, making a total of 3 hours in.

What should my child wear?

Children should wear long sleeved top and long trousers all year around, please no skirts or dresses. The weight of the clothing depending on the season.  In summer this will be all they wear to protect them from the sun, scratches and stings, along with a sun hat.

As the weather changes to Autumn/Winter layer up your child so that they can easily remove and redress depending on the temperature and the activity.  We ask Parents to provide waterproof jacket and trousers or an all in one suit.

In cold weather 3 or 4 layers under the waterproofs:

Bottoms: tights+ leggings+ jogging trousers+ socks (2 pairs), wellington boots, snow boots.

Tops: vest+ long-sleeved t-shirt, + jumper+ fleece, hat and waterproof gloves.

You may consider purchasing ski wear for your child to use at Forest School.  All local schools run Forest School sessions for Reception and years above, so these items will be well used.Your Child will on occasion get very dirty and muddy, usually dependent on the weather.  We keep all Forest School Waterproofs at Pre-school where they can be dried and ready for us. each week.  Children may need to change their other clothes so please remember their spare set of clothes.

How will my child be kept safe?

All Forest School sessions will be run by a qualified Forest School Leader Level 3, who also holds a current Forest School First Aid qualification.  At least one additional staff member will also hold a current Paediatric First Aid Qualification will be on site, along with the First Aid kit and all medication.  All activities will be risk assessed in accordance with Pre-school Policies.  Two mobile phone on two separate networks will be carried by staff in case of emergency.