Daily routine

Daily routine

Routine of Morning and Lunch time sessions

(flexible when events happen and when it is Forest School)

8.15/8.30am – Staff in and ready to work. Set up rooms/activities inside and in the garden

8.45am – Staff briefing of the day and go to allocated rooms.

8.50am – Faye (Manager) on decking to meet and greet families.

9.00am – Doors open to welcome families. Register completed as children arrive. White boards completed.

9.15/9.20am – Five minute warning for tidy-up time.

9.25am – Tidy-up and split into groups for small group time.

9.45am – Children and staff to get ready for outdoor play and all outside.

10.30amCold weather – All in from outdoor play and sit for story time. 1 member of staff to set up snack table and rest of staff to sit with children. Two rooms and decking open.

Warm weather- children can choose to stay outside in the garden. Snack table indoors and outdoors. One room, decking and garden open.

Free-flow play. During this time designated staff to change nappies, write home/school contact books and stickers.

11.20am – Snack tables close.

11.25am – Five minute warning for tidy-up time.

11.30am – Tidy-up all areas.

11.35am – Children separated back into their rooms for quiet time. Books/fiddle basket to be put out. 1 member of staff to organise letters/toys/books to go home. Other staff to sit with children. Start getting shoes on for home time.

11.45am – Sticker time. Song time.

11.55am – Those staying for lunch go to designated areas for story or ‘show and tell’.

12noon – Doors open for those children who are going home. Sign these children out of the register.

12noon – Children come through and wash hands before sitting down. Once all sat, to say Pre-School prayer.

12.10pm – 12.45pm – Children to sit and eat lunch. Those that finish during this time to sit on brown rug and play with Lunch Time bag activity.

12.40pm – Five minute warning for tidy-up time.

12.45pm – All children to tidy up and go onto decking to play.

1.10pm – To come in from decking – those going home to put on shoes, Butterfly room children to do relaxation time and Ladybird children to go to designated area for group activity/story time.

1.15pm – Home time or afternoon session.

1:15 - Ladybird children in drawing corner for story and small group time. These children can then go and play whilst Butterfly room are doing their group time. Any child on 1:1 in den to do specific SALT tasks. Butterfly Room to do relaxation for at least 10 minutes.

1:30 – Dough Disco

1:35 – Small group time. Split into two groups and do adult led activity. These activities can be done inside and outside.

2:00 - Free play over both rooms.

2:35 - Tidy up time

2:40 - Shoes/coats etc on and get ready for home time.

2:50 - Sitting ready for home time/ talk about what they have enjoyed/not enjoyed about Pre-School.

3:00 - Home time